Globe Trotting

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It’s become a bit of a tradition for the All-Nighters to kick off each year with a gig outside of the Southwest area . Since 2013 our New Year gigs have involved a bit of a trek but nevertheless have been very successful in jumpstarting the year and shaking off those January blues.

This year was no exception. The All-Nighters’ first outing of 2017 involved a journey across the Severn Bridge into South Wales to the Welsh capital of Cardiff. The gig was at the Globe, a former cinema and now a popular music venue on the national touring circuit.

The All-Nighters’ trip to the Globe couldn’t have gone much better. The band had played at the Globe in January 2016 and got a great reception. Due to the large number of people packed into the club last year there wasn’t a lot of room left for dancing. This year a lot of the tables and chairs had been cleared, ensuring a full dance floor all night. Overall this year’s gig at the Globe was a more enjoyable experience, both for the band and all the Welsh Northern Soul fans that came to dance. Our thanks go out the organiser, Gareth Heale, the DJs, the wonderful sound engineer who got our sound just right and of course everyone who came to see the band and dance the night away.

The All-Nighters will be off on their travels again later in the year to, amongst others, a couple of seaside venues; a scooter rally at Hayling Island and a gig on the seafront at Eastbourne on the Sussex Coast.

In the meantime we’ve got some great local gigs lined up for the next few months.


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